Monday, 30 November 2009
Weather continues to break records.  This will be the warmest November in a long time.  Sure beats the 8 months of below normal temps we suffered through spring and summer.
I pretty well have all my Xmas shopping done, except for some little goodies, and house inside and outside decorated.  I will be turning on lights tomorrow, Dec 1st!
I love this time of year with all the bright lights.  Plan on taking a walk in evening and getting some awesome pics from around the neighbourhood.
Saturday, 14 November 2009

Beautiful Fall

We have been blessed to have an awesome Oct and Nov so far to date. The temps have been above normal, the sun has been shining, mostly. This definitely makes up for our poor spring and summer. I have been busy over at being a Sunshine Team member and a Creative Team member. This is the best site on the internet! Wonderful group of ladies and men, helpful, friendly, compassionate and the designers kits are to die for! Drop over and see our work in action. Look for hummerdawn as a member and you will see all that I have done since I joined in May 2009. I have to thank my friend over at Deco-Pages, Lori Staton for making my beautiful home page. We are always looking for member, CT members and SST members. Check it out now.