Here is the link to ADSR if you want to check it out!
 Well, we are going to embark on this wonderful race entitled Amazing Digi Scrapping Race over at Natural Designs.  We are paired up in twos and will be working together to try and get some of the great prizes they say we can get.  This is my first stab at this and I have Nelleke over at Deco-Pages to team up with me.  It should be fun and you are given time to complete the layouts.  I am looking forward to it!  Here is the blinkie I made for the occasion.  We are called Deco Darlings in honour of our home page-Deco-Pages!!


Saturday, 9 January 2010

Winter Got Me!

Darn, darn!  I was hoping I would make it through the winter unscathed!  But it was not to be!  Headed to the store on Thurs.  It was -40 with wind chill.  I should have just stopped at the little corner store but no, I wanted to run the car a bit so went to the farther store.  Some little chick kept right on my tail all the way.  It was very slippery with that cold..  Got to my destination and thought that she would be going to go by me now.  But no, she pulled it right behind me. She had big heavy 4X4 so of course she could stop on a dime!  I saw an open spot and swung in to park!  Well, the wheels locked and I went sliding oh so softly and gently into a company van. His wasn't too much damage but it did a number on my PLASTIC bumper.  Probably could have spit and it would have made a hole in it.  On top of that, with the cold I imagine it was brittle like anything. Of course we did all the paper exchange and stuff.  The ladies in the store all know me and were concerned I was hurt, but I wasn't going fast enough for anything like that!  I go next Tues to have the public insurance company estimate cost to fix.  Thank goodness, I have $100.00 deductible.  But get this, I am going to be given a one time charge of $200.00 on my driver's licence!  But I don't lose my discount!  Which is good because it reduces the amount of insurance you pay.  But this is just another money grab from our governments.  That is because I admitted it was my responsibility that it happened.  Should have left it as a hit and run!!  Not really and I couldn't do that.  Besides, those inspectors are crafty and can tell from the damage if it was or not!!
So, this will be in my Project 12 month of Jan when I do it up.  But that's not the way I wanted to scrap!  Lol.