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Saturday, 3 September 2011

You are going to have so much fun with the Ivy Scraps September 2011
Mega "Back To School"!  All of the things you think about when you think
"school kit" are there: school buses, apples, pencils, crayons,
erasers--check, check, check! All there! Red, Blue, Green,
Purple--check, check--those are there, and you can even see some flashes
of yellow about!  With 112 elements, 59 papers, and a full alpha, your
back-to-school scrapping will put you at the head of the class!  And
while primary colors are not the focus of this astounding kit, there
will be nothing "secondary" about the gems you will create. We know you
will enjoy the fun characters that show up, and won't it be a blast
scattering the glitter, and playing around with the glossy, rounded
styles?  You Betcha! Your backpacks will be overflowing with more than
350MB of items for scrapping ALL of your students of ALL ages. Don't
miss the bus!  Climb on board with the 11 Ivy Scraps Designers who
created this education extravaganza.  We know you'll give this kit an A+!
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