Thursday, 3 September 2015

Wima4ever-Fabulous Autumn & a Freebie

That most beautiful time of the year is starting to show her colour explosion and is once again capturing our imaginations and thrilling us as usual.  Although we don't have a great turning starting yet you can feel it in the air and the ivies are starting to turn. Wilma has created this colourful kit that to me shows all of God's Bounty for us to delight in. The veggies, the fruits, the ripened nuts and of course those awesome pumpkins.  So go ahead and enjoy what we usually take for granted and spread it all around.  Simply click under the link to head there now to start your own "harvest!"

This is my great granddaughter Kady taken at a pumpkin patch a few years ago.  She visited the corn patch, the pumpkin patch and tried out the hay bales!

I captured this sunflower in a neighbours yard a long time ago.  It looked to me like it had the weight of the world on it's poor head, so droopy.  But the colour made me think of the sun and I would see fields of them in the country. So bright and cheery!

Now it is time for your freebie.  


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