Saturday, 13 February 2016

Wilma4ever-Lins Creations-Elegance In White & a FREEBIE

I fell in love with this kit as soon as I saw it.  It is ELEGANT in every way!  I love the Victorian era and this is just perfectly done.  The pretty soft pastel shades, the gorgeous papers and the whole slew of elements is just awesome,  I so wished I had authentic real life Victorian photos to complement the kit but unfortunately I don't. So I blended the modern with the old!

This is my beautiful daughter, Heather taken at Christmas this year.

Because I wanted to have this layout look like a ladies boudoir I only used a photo taken of the field behind our place last summer.

And now the link for the gift you came for.  I really hope you can make some use of the Quick Page. It was created with love on this Valentine's Day eve. No shadows. 


  1. Thank you so much but link not working here not the one for your "Because of you" QP freebie. Your box account is out of quota. Will check back later and thank you.

  2. Well I keep checking back but no luck. Sad as I really wanted to snag your freebies. They are very nice. Tried reaching you several ways to let you know that your 2 links for you 2 freebies are dead but no luck there either. Hopefully some day I will run into them. Lol.


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